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Understand that this is just a guide. The prices are based on a variety of sources for commonly traded goods, however gems are sold outside this range every day.

Prices listed are retail. Wholesale is usually one third to one half of retail. Very low priced goods are often marked up quite considerably more and high end gems 30% or less.

The price a gem will sell for is based on several factors. One is the dealer. Just because Tiffany’s can get $7,000 for a particular gem, does not mean you can.

Quality is one of the most important factors in valuing a gem. Subtle variations in quality can make a substantial difference in the price of high end goods. Unless you are familiar with all the subtle nuances of color, cut, and clarity, per size availability, you will not be able to accurately judge the value of a gem. Few people have the experience to do this accurately and that includes most jewelers.

There are no laws or regulations regarding gem appraisals. Many people write appraisals that do not have the experience to arrive at an accurate value. Still others take advantage in the lack of regulation and purposely write appraisals at highly inflated values. So, do not give much merit to an appraisal unless it is from a highly respected company.

Realize that buyers and seller often disagree on the quality. In the final analysis, a gem is simply worth what a buyer and seller can agree upon.


Cat’s Eye                      1 carat



Agate Cabochons        All Sizes

                                    $.50 to $37/ct         

Fire Agate                    All sizes    

                                    $2 to $20/ct

Blue Chalcedony         All sizes

                                    to $10/ct


Faceted                       .5 to 1 carat                  1 carat plus

Top Red/Green              $5000 to $15000/ct        to $1,000,000/ct

Medium Red/Green        $3000 to $9000/ct          to 60000/ct

Slight Red/Green           $100 to $2500/ct            to $6000/ct

Other colors                  $1100 to $8000/ct          to $10000/ct

Cabochon                    .3 to 1.5 carat               1.5 carats plus

Strong red/green            $500 to $2500/ct            to $30,000/ct

Cat’s Eye                      All sizes

Strong red/green            $1500 to $5000/ct


                              All sizes

Faceted                 to $33/ct

Cab                        to $13/ct


                              All sizes

Faceted                 $50 to $58/ct

With bugs              $8 to $15/ct

Plain Cabochons   $1 to $3/ct


Faceted                 .5 to 1 carat            1 carat plus

Siberian                  $9 to $16/ct             to $50/ct

Medium                   $7 to $22/ct             to $33/ct

Light                       $3 to $6/ct               to $12/ct

Cabochons             1 carat plus

Dark                       $13 to $18/ct

Medium                   $3 to $9/ct


Faceted                 All sizes

                              $10 to $50/ct


                              All sizes          

Cabochons             $2 to $95/ct

Doublets                $13 to $166/ct


Faceted                 .5 to 1 carat                             



Faceted                 1 to 4 carats           4 carats plus

Top color                 $30 to $200/ct         to $1,000/ct

Medium color           $20 to $100/ct         to $100/ct


Faceted                 10 carat plus               

                              $39 to $200/ct


Faceted                 .5 to 1.5 carats       1.5 to 3 carats        3 carat plus

Dark                       $250 to $500/ct        $350 to $1000/ct      to $850/ct

Medium                   $100 to 300/ct         $22 to $600/ct         to $750/ct

Light                       $8 to $40/ct             $20 to $100             to $100/ct

Cabochons                                           $15 to $40/ct

Cat’s Eye                                              $50 to $300/ct.


“Neon Blue”          .3 to 1 carat            1 to 3 carats           3 carats plus

                              $10 to $100/ct         $38 to $300/ct         to $300/ct

Brazil Blue             .5 to 1 carat            1 to 4 carats

                              $200 to $300/ct        $200 to $400/ct

Blue Cat’s Eye       3 carats plus


Other Colors          All sizes

Faceted                  $20 to $200/ct


Faceted                 3 to 10 carats        

                              $52 to $600/ct


Faceted                 5 carats plus

                              $26 to $260/ct


Faceted                 1 to 5 carats

                              $48 to $150/ct


Cabochons             All sizes

                              $7 to $10/ct

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