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Hearts and Arrows Diamond: Is it Worth it?

Although cut for perfect symmetry and top performance, is a Hearts and Arrows diamond worth the high price? Learn more and decide what’s best for your ring.

A Comprehensive Study of Gem Faceting Classes Around the World

Compare the prices and philosophies of gem faceting classes from around the world. Learn if there’s a local club or a faraway school that’s right for you.

Ten Rare and Expensive Engagement Ring Stones

These ten gems are some of the rarest and most desired in the world. If money is no object, consider one of these stones for an expensive engagement ring.

Pin Wheel: Online Faceting Designs and Diagrams

Inspired by the classic children’s toy, Jeff Graham’s award-winning Pin Wheel gem design is easy to cut and makes a very interesting stone.

Algodonite Value, Price, and Jewelry Information

Bright, silvery metallic cabochons of algodonite and domeykite are attractive and unusual. Faceted pieces are rarely seen but very beautiful when polished to a high luster.

Bangkok: City of Gemology Schools

Bangkok is the center of the colored gem trade. Compare the top four Bangkok gemology schools and see why this city is the ideal place to learn about gems.

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