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Learn Gemology

Science, tools, gem identification, treatments, valuation and grading of gemstones.


Gemstone Prices & Values

Lookup the current retail and wholesale price of any gemstone.

Jewelry & Lapidary Articles

Cutting and faceting stones, jewelry settings, metals, tools and techniques.

List of Gemstones by Name

Detailed information about any gemstone you are interested in.

What is Gemstone Dispersion?

Learn what gemstone dispersion means, what causes it, and how it relates to other optical effects of gems. Check out some amazing dispersion examples, too.


Gemstone Photomicrography and Inclusion Photography

In 2004, while a student at the Gemological Institute of America, Danny Sanchez opened up the "Photoatlas of Inclusions in Gemstones Vol.1" for the first time. He was looking for a career change and ended up on a decade long adventure into gemstone photomicrography.


Trapiche Emerald

Trapiche emeralds are formed when black carbon impurities fill in the emerald's crystal junction. The impurities then form a radial pattern with a six-pointed star effect. Read about these very unique and very rare emeralds in this article.


10X Loupe for Gemologists and Jewelers

Everything you ever wanted to know abut the 10X jeweler's and gemologist's loupe. The 10X loupe is the gemologist's best friend for a reason. You can examine gemstones for fractures, inclusions, color, and much more with this simple tool.

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