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Independent Jewelry Appraisers serving the General Public Call now 1-212-470-5126 www.appraisersworldwide.com
Member: appraisersworldwide appraisersworldwide, Since: Jan 2015
appraisars and loss adjusters specialised in precious stones and jewellery
Member: CHARLES SAND, Since: Apr 2012
Gem Testing Laboratories (Graeme E Petersen F.G.A.)
We carry our Jewellery Appraisals adn valuations, gemstone identification, diamond grading reports
Member: GRAEME PETERSEN, Since: Feb 2008
IGS Gem Lab Services
IGS offers laboratory and appraisal services at cost-effective prices through our partnerships with several advanced gemological laboratories here in the United States.
Location and Where We Serve
Member: International Gem Society, Since: Jan 1995
Gemological services, lectures and workshops, appraising of diamonds, gems and jewellery as well as evalutation of gem deposits and lapidary services.
Member: Jan Asplund, Since: Jun 2014
Gemologist/Appraiser/Grader/Cutter/Diamond Broker/NAJA Member# 21247
Member: MICHAEL HUTTON, PG, GD, Since: Dec 2010, Certification: IGS Certified Professional Gemologist


Gemstones and Opals for sale from two specialist auction sites ? we have sold over 240,000 items to 62 countries. No Reserve $1 auctions everyday! www.gemrockauctions.com – Over 60,000 listings from gemstone wholesalers.www.opalauctions.com – Over 60,000 listings from opal miners and wholesalers.
Member: wayne sedawie, Since: Feb 2007

Gem Cutting Services

Custom Gemstone Cutting, Concave and Fantasy Gemstone Cutting, Faceting Lessons and Concave Faceting Lessons. We also have a DVD, "Secrets to Concave and Fantasy Gemstone Cutting" $21.00 plus shipping, world wide. Ultra Tec Faceting sales Rep.
Member: Larry Mattos, Since: Oct 2014
We are gem enthusiasts, have an online gem business, http://gemhunters.com.au Lou Murray facets precision cut gemstones, we travel the world hand selecting gem rough and gems for everyone,based in Australia. At the moment we are in Bangkok among a huge variety of gems while teaching custom cutting.
Member: gemhunters gemhunters, Since: Jan 2015
Custom Faceting and and gem mineral mining
Member: Mark Stephan, Since: May 2015
I cut my own gems, cabs and faceted. Design in wax and cast in sterlium plus sterling silver, sterling silver, 14k gold. Cut & facet freeform gems for many of my designs. I have been cutting gems for over 50 years.
Member: Howard Broderson, Since: Mar 1999
Dealers in faceting rough and colored gemstones. Authorized dealers for Ultra Tec, Facetron and Polymetrics faceting equipment. We also teach faceting
Member: Allen Petersen, Since: Feb 1999, Certification: IGS Certified Professional Gemologist
Mineral & Gem Collection
Gem cutting, appraising + Stromatolites
Member: kamarik123 kamarik123, Since: Jan 2015
Gem cutting/polishing
Member: william kock, Since: Feb 2015
High-Quality GEM CUTTING & Sapphire Heat Treating SERVICES, Faceting & Cabbing all Sort of Gemstone into American & European Standard of High-Quality, No Gimmicks-Try Our Services today !
Member: Sainul Mohamed, Since: Jul 2002

Gem Treating Services

Gemological Laboratories

Diamond Trading and Certification Services Gemstone and Diamond Repairing Services
Member: ARISTEDES TSIROPOULOS, Since: Jul 2007, Certification: IGS Certified Professional Gemologist
Galaxy Gems Lab
Member: wahyuameer wahyuameer, Since: Jan 2015
Gemstone Information Technology
Member: Bona Simanjuntak, Since: Jul 2015

Gemology Supplies and Equipment


Specializing in rare gems and jewelry stones, cut by top artists.10% discount to all IGS Members. For a free price list call: 928-342-2278, or write: ACS, 11242 South Foothills Blvd., Ste. 14, Yuma, AZ 85367.
Member: Dr. Barbara Smigel, Since: Oct 1998
Batu Permata Mulia sertifikat
Member: antonius melsa pasaribu , Since: Apr 2015
Colombian Emeralds CA
We bring natural Colombian Emeralds didrectly from the mines to your hands.
Member: robert77 robert77, Since: Jan 2015
We specialize in fine Faceted gems and Rough gemstones imported directly from our site holders and collectors in Africa and other world-wide locations. We are pleased to offer IGS members a 10% Discount on our fine faceted gems and select top-quality gemstone rough (Tsavorite, Spessartite, Sapphire, Ruby, Sunstone, Color Change gemstones, Kyanite, Zircon and much more!) Please visit us at: http://www.egem.com E*Gem 5435 N. Garland Rd STE 140-151, Garland, TX 75040
Member: Brian Somes, Since: Mar 1999
Member: jean pierre tromeri, Since: Mar 2015
Member: ARNAV MEDHI, Since: Jun 2012
Wholesale gems
Member: hugemac1999 hugemac1999, Since: Jan 2015
We are manufacturers of semiprecious and precious gemstones based in India
Member: Raghnathbhai Patel, Since: Aug 2015
IGYSL offers high end natural colored diamonds and gemstone jewelry for the affluent consumer. Our designer jewelry collection includes custom designs (many one of a kind) and feature only natural, fine to the finest quality diamonds or colored gemstones set in 18KT Gold and/or Platinum. IGYSL is JBT Listed and proud members of AGTA and JVC.
Member: Wendy McGee, Since: Feb 2014
Jason Hollis
All things gem, mineral & lapidary. Specializing in Australian opal.
Member: JASON DALE HOLLIS, Since: Jul 2012, Certification: IGS Certified Professional Gemologist
Australian arts and crafts legal services. Carved gems and objects of interest to order
Member: PETER DEHLSEN, Since: Apr 2011
Retail Jewelry
Member: CYNTHIA REESE, Since: Jan 2013
A travelling sales show of sparkling gemstones and breathtaking jewelry, brought to your pavillion, mall, hospital, vendor center, home, or bank building. Specializing in natural (real) stones, shaped into jewelry of all sorts: Pendants, earrings, rings, bracelets, brooches, pendulums, spheres, and just-plain rocks, minerals, and rough gemstones. "A virtual museum of eye-candy"
Member: Wayne Sturdevant, Since: Feb 2015
Trending and Making(in our own lapidary) of precious Natural Gem stones,like Alexandrite(Bluish Green to Red),Crysoberyl Cat's eye,Srilankan Yellow and Blue Saphire. Burma Ruby.in semy precious Gem stones Tarmoline,Spinel,Aquamarine. Contact phone number : +91 9000567987.Email : mmgj.mm@gmail.com
Member: MURALI MOHAN BADAM, Since: Apr 2015
We deal in Gemstones, precious, semi precious and Diamonds. Emerald, Ruby, Tourmaline, Peridot, Kunzite, Spinel, Hessonite and Spacertine Garnet. We buy & sell both rough & Faceted stones.
Member: SHAHID HUSSAIN, Since: Sep 2007
We offer a complete wide range of jewelry of precious metals with genuine precious stones. Our company also offers a wide range of wedding rings, which are characterized by high quality creation and installation of gemstones. Wide selection at the best prices you will demonstrate and ensure our dedicated staff. Within the services we provide to our customers cleaning of objects of gold, silver, jewelry repair, determining gems and precious metals, as well as the production of expert reports.
Member: Ivan KOPOR, Since: Dec 2013
We offer superior quality, precision cut faceted gemstones and beautiful Australian Opals.
Member: NICO DAL CERO, Since: Aug 2011, Certification: IGS Certified Professional Gemologist
Paul Stuart,Inc
Member: STEWART PAUL NORTH, Since: Feb 2013, Certification: IGS Certified Professional Gemologist
Phoenix Harmonies
we have a small business but we do have a large number of cut gemstones that are natural untreated. Most of the Gems are from East Africa which I purchased in the rough some 30 years ago. if you are looking for any natural gemstone don't hesitate to contact us.
Member: Syd Prickett, Since: Jun 2015
SS Gem Stone Trading and Grading
Gemstone and diamond wholesaler / importer /exporter Colombian and Zambian emralds in stock from sizes 0.54ct to 36ct (single pcs). Lots from 10ct to 500cts. Sapphires , rubies and diamonds in stock. All Stones are 100% natural untreated (Emeralds can be colorless oil treated)
Member: gemtradingworld gemtradingworld, Since: Oct 2014, Certification: IGS Certified Professional Gemologist
Federal and state permitted harvesters and wholesalers of Hawaiian black coral. We sell raw black coral trees & branches. Wide range of sizes available.
Member: Tiffany Winn, Since: Jul 2015
company register via FBR pakistan
Member: Imran Khan, Since: Dec 2013
I look for gemstones from various sources around the world to bring you a variety of top quality loose gemstones at near wholesale prices. There is something for everyone from the most sought after to the extremely rare and top quality, hand crafted jewelry. A selection of items for every budget! Each stone is 100% guaranteed completely natural. Most are untreated and many are flawless.
Member: Terri Caton, Since: May 2015
The Chua Ayoung Gemstone
gem trading& apraisal @ indonesia jakarta
Member: yung yung, Since: Jul 2015
The Finest Online Collection of loose rubies, emeralds, sapphires, star rubies, star sapphires and much more. All Natural & Untreated. Easy Checkout Options. IGS members receive a 7% discount!
Member: HARSHIL ZAVERI, Since: Dec 2009
The Stone Specialists is an international precious and semi precious gemstone/jewelry start-up. We specialize in gemstones and jewelry, and ship worldwide.
Member: stonespecialists stonespecialists, Since: Feb 2015
gems trader
precious and semi pricious in indonesia...
Member: handy indrawan, Since: Nov 2014
mining and multi activities
Member: osman mohammed, Since: Jan 2015
HandCrafted Designer Pens
Member: larsensxo1 larsensxo1, Since: Dec 2014

Informational Resources


Manufacturing of custom designed Jewellery. Inspiration for the collections are from the owners other business operations; I.e travel agencies and destinations around the world
Member: Gillian Roffe, Since: May 2015
Custom jewelry made for you by the most talented makers in the world.
CustomMade.com is an online marketplace connecting Customers who want one-of-a-kind- creations with professional and passionate makers of those goods. Founded in 2009 with the vision to help people find the unique gifts, objects and goods they cannot find through traditional retail channels.
Location and Where We Serve
Located in the Boston-area and serving customers worldwide.
Member: Custom Made, Since: Dec 2013
At David and Sons, in addition to providing top-quality diamond rings in San Diego, we pride ourselves in providing high-quality, professional, personalized customer service.
Member: Armin Karinkani, Since: Feb 2015, Certification: IGS Certified Professional Gemologist
A World-Class collection of luxurious gemstone jewelry and distinctive handcrafted treasures featuring modern designs with a vintage flair
Member: Andrea Murray, Since: Nov 2013
Member: Tik Tok, Since: Jul 2015
A Florida Nonprofit Corporation
Member: Martin Estok, Since: Sep 2014
Artisan Jeweler and Lapidary learning more every day.
Member: JOHN ATWELL RASMUSSEN, Since: May 2007
Jewelry unique to you..custom designs and gemstones to help you celebrate the most significant moments of your life. Unique birthstone & wedding jewelry personalized to you & your needs.
Member: Talia Smith, Since: Jun 2015
Jewelry and oddities
Member: ancientdragon ancientdragon, Since: Sep 2014
The Family Jewels
Manufacturer Of Custom Fine Jewelry Since 1978
Member: Richard Slechter, Since: Nov 2013
Zaha et Cetera is specialising is custom made Diamond and Colored stone jewellery made in Hong Kong. Besides custom made jewellery, company is also in collaboration with a large diamond jewellery company in Hong Kong for online selling of ready to go affordable range of diamond jewellery such as Rings, Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces & Pendants. Delivery available to most countries.
Member: zahaetc zahaetc, Since: Feb 2015

Lapidary Supplies and Equipment

Rough Gems and Mineral Specimens

Supplier of rough Gem stones to interested parties
Member: Charles Jessa, Since: Apr 2015
Rock and Mineral Specimens / Jewelry Supply / Custom Jewelry
Member: DARLENE STOUT, Since: Feb 2011
Educational community by providing quality educational rocks and minerals as well as geoinstructional materials and information to educators, students, schools, and scientists. Mineral collecting community by providing fine mineral specimens and recovered items of natural history to individuals and museums.
Member: Casey Jones, Since: Jul 2015
La Gruta de Danjul
Venta y compra de minerales, cristales y gemas. Cursos de Gemoterapia y Energía Mineral. Ubicación: México D.F. Ópalos de fuego de Querétaro.
Member: Enrique Luis Disc├ępolo Diaz, Since: Jul 2015
I sell rough gems and mineral specimens. I am also cutting cabochones and faceting gems
Member: Lars Daggfeldt, Since: Apr 2015
PrettyRock.com brings you select gemological instruments, facet rough, lapidary supplies, and mineral specimens. We are located in Charlotte, NC so you can enjoy fast service, low cost shipping and our 10 day money back guarantee. IGS Member # in order comment field receives 10% discount.
Member: Devin McRorie, Since: Mar 2004
We offer a large variety of select, natural facet and cabbing rough, as well as beautiful, custom-cut gemstones. IGS members receive a 10% discount on cut gemstones and a 5% discount on gem rough. Photos of all items? come have a look! Visit us at
Member: David Dawson, Since: Dec 2005


Special Services

Estate and tax planning for dealers, faceters and collectors since 1876
As a Trust and Estates attorney, my expertise is in avoiding taxes and maintaining control of family wealth. Because I'm a fourth generation T&E attorney, my firm has handled multiple generations of many families. As a gem collector and investor I have experienced first-hand how multiple generations of a family work together -- or fight each other -- over a family business or a family collection.
Special Offer for IGS Gold and Pro Members
For IGS members, I will consider payment for legal services in kind.
Member: MATTHEW ERSKINE, Since: Jul 2012

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