- Professional gemology expertise. Master jeweler, Jewelrysmith, CraftJewelry, Cutting Gemstones
    - Jewelry work of any complexity.
    - Examination of antiques
    - Maintenance at the deposits of precious stones in order to extract and acquire stones.
    -Gemological and jewelry examination with the issuance of an official report.
    - Accompanying the purchase of precious stones / jewelry (including even events such as fairs, exhibitions, international travel and transactions).

    Why We? Because We have the following regalia and achievements, in addition to achievements in IGS.

    - Work experience as a jeweler and expert gemologist for more than 12 years. (Including work experience worlwide)
    - Continuous self-education, self-development, continuous training.
    - Knowledge and qualifications confirmed by documents and certificates.


    GIA AJP (AppLied Jewelry Professional)

    Certified specialist of NSU course: "Gemstones: Diagnosis and Expertise" / Novosibirsk State University.

    IGS Gem Investing Specialist

    Certified International Pearl Expert / CPAA Certified Pearl Specialist Certificate CPAA Cultured Pearl Association of America, Inc., CPAA.

    Certified diamond professional of DeBeers Group

    GIA Certified Colored stones Specialist Certificate.  GIA Alumni Association.

    TPU - Tomsk Polytechnic University, Department of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Certificate of attendance: "Myths and realities of stone / precious stones."

    MUTSE - Interregional Training Center for Technology and Economics, Certificate No. 001425 on training "Specialist in Gems, Pawnshop, Buying"

    MUTSE - Interregional Training Center for Technology and Economics, Certificate No. 000136 on training "Sales Manager in the Jewelry Industry"

    Professional profile lyceum No. 92 of Chelyabinsk - Diploma No. 3478 on
    secondary special education with qualification assignment: "Jeweler. Filigree- jeweler III Department. "

    Member of the National Gemological Association of the Russian Federation

    ProMember of IGS - International Gem Society

    Current member of the Public Organization Russian Geological Society (ROSGEO).

    Postgraduate student, IGG (Institute of Geology and Geochemistry) RAS named after Zavaritsky since 2016

    Active member of the Russian Mineralogical Society of RMO.

    Scientific Secretary of RMO - Commission on Gemstone Raw Materials and Gemology.


    - Custom jewelry making
    - Gemstones examination
    - Accompanying the purchase of precious stones
    - Search for all kinds of diamonds and gemstones worldwide, according to the customer's request


    - GIA Alumni Member
    - GIA Diamond Specialist
    - GIA Colored Stones Specialist
    - DeBeers Diamond Specialist
    - IGS Pro Member
    - IGS Gem Investing Specialist
    - CPAA Cultured Pearl Specialist
    - Gemstone Diagnostics and Examination Certified



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