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RockTumbler.com: Rock Tumblers, Tumbled Stones, Tumbling Instructions

    We want to help you enjoy rock tumbling

    At RockTumbler.com, our goal is to help people enjoy tumbled stones and the rock tumbling hobby.  We do that by publishing online articles that explain how to use rotary and vibratory rock tumblers; provide instructions for tumbling various kinds of rocks, and display craft items that our staff and customers have made using tumble-polished stones.

    Sellers of rock tumblers and tumbling supplies

    We are an online retailer of rock tumblers, grit, polish, tumbling media, tumbling rough and other rock tumbling supplies.  We always have tumblers running at our office because, after decades of tumbling, we are still learning about rocks and how they are made into tumbled stones.  This helps us to be informed sellers of the products that we offer.  We use what we sell.  If it doesn't work well then we don't sell it.

    Sharing what we know about rocks, minerals, gems and tumbling

    Our staff members have lots of experience with rock tumblers and the methods used to make tumbled stones.  We believe that everyone who sells a hobby product should be a regular and enthusiastic participant in that hobby.  Our constant use of rock tumblers enables us to give informed and experienced advice when our customers have questions.  Too many companies sell products and don't know a darn thing about them.

    Our website hosts what we believe is the internet's largest free-access online library of rock tumbling information.  We have articles written for everyone from beginners to experts. We also know a bit about the materials used to make tumbled stones. Our staff has written all of the rock, mineral and gemstone articles that appear on Geology.com.

    Tumbled stones for crafters, vendors, anyone who enjoys them

    We also enjoy tumbled stones made from rocks, minerals and other materials collected from around the world.   We sell the stones as mixtures and and in single-variety packages of premium polished stones.  Every year we sell tons of tumbled stones to customers who use them for a variety of craft, memento, decor, jewelry, educational and New Age projects.  Many of our customers are retailers who sell the stones in their shops or use them to produce jewelry, kits, games and many other products.

    Finding tumbling rough just about anywhere

    Lots of people live in great locations for finding stones to tumble. Some lucky folks live in the U.S. Southwest or in the Pacific Northwest where you can often take a walk on your own property or on public land and pick up free rocks to tumble. Others live in areas where collecting on public land is not allowed or where the native rocks are sedimentary and unsuitable for tumbling.

    In those areas you can still find rocks to tumble if you keep your eyes open. Some people purchase landscaping rocks like granite, basalt or quartzite at lawn and garden stores. We live in western Pennsylvania where the rocks are all sedimentary, but landscaping companies use Ohio River gravels as a landscape stone. We picked the igneous and metamorphic rocks in the photo above from our shrubbery, ran them in our tumbler and they came out great. The colorful tumbles below are glass that we purchased from a landscape company. You don't have to live in Arizona or Oregon to find interesting tumbling rough!

    Repair parts for Thumler's, Lortone, and Lot-o-Tumbler

    Finally, if you run your tumbler long enough you will eventually need a new belt or a new barrel, and possibly a new motor. We offer one of the largest selections of rock tumbler parts on the internet. We sell replacement parts for current-model tumblers made by Thumlers Tumblers, Lortone, Lot-o-Tumbler, and Tumble Bee. We also have articles and videos to help you keep your tumbler well maintained and running in good repair.

    Please visit our website at RockTumbler.com if you enjoy rock tumbling or are interested in trying the hobby.

    Happy Tumbling 🙂

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