ReCreation-Designs specialise in crafting statement jewellery from scrap silver and broken pieces of jewellery. Because the key elements in each piece are unique, your piece of jewellery is truly unique and unlike any other you will ever see. However re-using elements of finished jewellery has it's challenges - for instance you can't solder stone set jewellery and removing and resetting the stone is invariably difficult - so if you are looking for a perfectly finished high street reproduction or high end artisan item then my pieces probably won't fit the bill. However the love and care I put into every piece results in a uniquely styled statement with a durable and practical though sometimes unorthodox finish.

    What is guaranteed is that every piece will make a statement about who you are and what you stand for -  recycling, sustainability, tackling climate change, biodiversity, equality and making our planet a better place to live -not just for us but for all living things.

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