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Navneet Gems and Minerals Company Limited

    Navneet Gems and Mineral is a manufacturer of Loose Wholesale Gemstones both under the Semi precious and the Precious gemstone category. Serving Jewellery manufacturers and wholesellers worldwide with consistent gemstones.

    Navneet Gems is a manufacturer and wholesale supplier of well dimensioned, cut and polished Wholesale Precious Gemstones and Wholesale Semi Precious Gemstones along with Silver, Brass and Gold Jewelry. The company was founded by Mr. Suresh Agarwal in 1993 (now the major part of the business is lead by his son Navneet Agarwal) headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand  and Jaipur, India,  where we have our own Gemstone factories in both the Cutting hubs. Our company is involved not only in many different types of Semi Precious Gemstones (more than a 100 different types) but also our company qualifies to supply some of the most finely cut and selected Precious Gemstones from our factory. The only reason Precious Gemstones are not easy to source is because there are various types of qualities and color of these precious stones. The price and quality vary greatly. That's where our company Navneet Gems comes in, to provide consistent material.

    If you are looking for a Manufacturer of Wholesale Semi Precious Gemstones or Precious Gemstones, be it customized design, mass production stones and anything from Rose cut to normal Facetted cut, we produce everything. We are a large scale manufacturer of jewelry also, producing customized designs in silver, gold and brass with an in house production team.

    Our company's heart lies in Topaz because many years ago when we started our business, we started out with Topaz, so check out our most important Topaz products here. Our list of Semi Precious Gemstones doesn't end there, we also have a Quartz gemstones page which talks about all the different types of Quartz gemstones we are working with currently. Since Quartz is a very broad category in terms of different colors available, we have had to create a separate sub category for it.

    Our website has some great informative news articles about gemstones and jewelry. Especially in today's world where trends are changing so fast. Navneet Gems is a combination of a diverse team of experienced people with quality control professionals, a gemstone testing professional (studied at GIA), in research and development, our expert cutters and craftsmen, in production, packing & shipping, account management, photography, content writers and a prominent sales team.

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