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Epidote Value, Price, and Jewelry Information

The epidote mineral supergroup contains many related species of interest to collectors. However, epidote itself is the one most likely to be faceted into beautiful, albeit small and dark, gemstones.

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Gemstone Toxicity Table

…High Lead, Radioactivity (Uranium, Thorium) Emerald None Known N/A Enstatite None Known N/A Eosphorite None Known Soluble in acids Epidote

What is Gemstone Pleochroism?

…may indicate the possible crystalline structure of an unknown gemstone. In conjunction with an analysis of its other properties, this can…

What is a Gem?

…colored Pepto-Bismol pink and olive green unattractive — like unakite, a variety of epidote. Some find them beautiful. Brown gems enjoy…

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