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Jadeite Value, Price, and Jewelry Information

One of two distinct minerals commonly known as jade, jadeite is the rarer and harder variety. Rich emerald-green jadeite, known as “imperial jade,” is also the most highly valued. However, durable jadeite can be found in many colors and is well-suited for both intricate carvings and cabochons.

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Jade Buying Guide

…that the material is natural. Jadeite or Nephrite? As a gemstone, jade can be one of two minerals: jadeite or nephrite. While both are jade, there…

Identifying Jade Treatments

jadeite and nephrite are both jade, their properties differ. In terms of treatments, the difference in porosity is particularly important.…

Jade Symbolism

…of harmony, eternity, and virtue. By Fara Braid , International Gem Society 5 minute read Jadeite serpent head pendant, Mexico (Chiapas) or…

Turkish Purple Jade Jewelry

…whether turkiyenite is a jade (specifically jadeite) or a rock, since the concentration of jadeite in this material measures between 40% and…

The Sacred Emerald Buddha

…wall of a chedi (a bell-shaped temple tower) exposed its hiding place. Despite its name, the Emerald Buddha isn’t made from emerald (nor…

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