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Opal Stones and Gems: Value, Price, and Jewelry Information

Opals are in a class by themselves. As a species, opal is so unique it has its own descriptive vocabulary. More than any other gem, each opal is distinctly individual. Opals are also the most delicate gemstones commonly worn and require special care.

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Identifying Opal Patterns

…of Contents: What is an Opal Pattern? Geometric Opal Patterns Irregular Opal Patterns Opal Patterns with Linear Elements Rolling Fire, Broad…

Eight Opal Types Explained

…with permission. Table of Contents: What is an Opal Type? White (Light) Opal Gray (Dark) Opal Black Opal Boulder Opal Crystal Opal Contraluz…

Appraising Opals

…of Natural Opal Transparent or “Crystal Opal” Clarification of Commonly Used Terms for Appraising Opals Reporting Standards for Appraising…

Opal Prospecting and Mining

…Finding a seam of precious opal is the goal of many opal prospectors. Photo by Géry Parent. Licensed under CC By-ND 2.0. Finding an Opal

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