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What is Gemstone Transparency?

Like colors, gemstone transparency — whether a gem is opaque, translucent, or transparent — is a result of light interacting with…

Clarity Grading Diamonds

…are “easily seen” without magnification. This affects both brilliance and transparency. I3: (Included 3) I3 inclusions are…

Color Grading White Diamonds

…etc. GIA Color Grades for White Diamonds Grades D, E, and F indicate colorless stones. The different grades represent differences in transparency

Gemstone Examination Lesson

…Reviewing the References I reviewed my gemological references for stones with the following characteristics: Color: green Transparency

Zircon Buying Guide

13.00-ct blue zircon from Cambodia. Treatment is uncertain. Designed and crafted by Erik Stewart. 18kt yellow textured gold accented with natural…