Deborah Kelley-Galin, Ph.D.

Deborah Kelley-Galin is an independent researcher whose works focus on art as embodied cultural forms and repositories of history and knowledge. She holds a Masters Degree in Humanities from California State University and a Doctoral Degree in Art History from the University of South Africa where she worked under the supervision of Dr. Ania Krajewska.

As an active board member of the London Centre for Interdisciplinary Research, Deborah is actively engaged in international arts and humanities programs while teaching courses in the field of Humanities through the Colorado State College Community College System. An accomplished archaeological illustrator, many of her works can be found in publications focusing on the rock art located throughout the American Southwest.

Deborah lives with her family in the rustic town of Mancos, Colorado, located just outside Mesa Verde National Park. Many of her archaeological illustrations and other works of art can be viewed in the Mesa Verde National Park museum as well as that of the Canyons of the Ancients National Monument located nearby in Dolores, Colorado.