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AGA – American Gem Analysis Lab

    Welcome to the American Gem Analysis Lab (AGA), where gemology comes alive with authenticity and expertise. With a legacy spanning generations, AGA specializes in diamond and colored gemstone analysis, providing accurate identification, authentication, and certification services of the highest standard.

    Guided by seasoned gemologists and cutting-edge technology, AGA's commitment is to reveal the unique narratives hidden within each gem. Our reports go beyond documentation; they are a testament to authenticity, trust, and the enduring beauty of gemstones and jewelry.

    Join us in exploring the brilliance of gemstones and the stories they hold. With AGA, you're entering a world where expertise meets passion, and where each gemstone's legacy is unveiled with precision.

    Experience the difference that authenticity, knowledge, and trust bring to the world of gemstones with the American Gem Analysis Lab.

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