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    Aurum Stories takes you through the kaleidoscope wonderland of gemstones and its here the most exquisite creations happen. Our clients are involved through the entire creative process giving them endless possibilities and options that truly are their own. Our extensive knowledge of gemstones and considerable experience in jewellery over the years sets us apart and is our acknowledged testimony; each individual piece tells its owner's story, while through our collections we tell ours.

    Aurum Stories personal story, inspired by its founder's life and work, rooted in Southern Africa and growing up amidst the recurring seasons. Aurum Stories is inspired daily, by the natural environment, with its rich abundance of wildlife, by the people and the bright vivid colours and cultures they portray, the flamboyant that is the heart of the dry season, stands boldly with its red earthy tone, a symbol of life and joy, in contrast to the emerald season in the coming rains and the richness, beauty and new life found in the flora and fauna.

    Aurum Stories wishes to share this part of Southern Africa's legacy, through our interpretations of form, colour and senses; highlighting these using the natural wonderland of gemstones that hold the heart, and drawing our inspiration from Southern Africa's landscape, people, traditions and animals.

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