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Johnna Crider Designs

    Johnna Crider is a wire artist who specializes in custom jewelry options with gemstones and minerals.  Johnna learned this skill from Grammy Winning musician, Daryl Thompson (son of Lucky Thompson, the saxophonist).

    Daryl and his wife Denise had a jewelry store that they operated in Atlanta. In between music tours, Daryl would spend his time wrapping jewelry and teaching his craft.

    In 2018, I wrote an open letter to Elon Musk (published on another blog platform that was taken down) and he shared it with his millions of followers on Twitter.

    Ever since then, I've been an active member of the online Tesla community and work full time as a writer for CleanTechnicaand cover topics such as Tesla, EVs, and clean energy.

    I often share educational tidbits about minerals and gemstones (as I learn them) on Twitter and often tweet them to Elon Musk who sometimes sees them. He told me in 2018 that his favorite mineral was iron pyrite.


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    How Peridot Is Being Used In Fighting Climate Change. 



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