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From Actinolite to Zoisite, dig into every facet of the fascinating world of gems with IGS gemology courses!

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What students are saying

  • You know the best thing that I have learnt from your great courses is that it does not matter how much you think you know about gems, you never stop learning, each day there is something more learn, it will never stop. Thank all for the help, education and support that you give IGS members. "
    Peter CheckleyIGS Member
  • I very much liked the Diamond Specialist Course, it is excellent, as comprehensive as it could be, and its structure offers all the theoretical and practical knowledge for grading and evaluating diamonds. Moreover, IGS related articles complement and consolidate what you learned during the course. "
    Daniel PenescuIGS Member
  • I have been faceting gems as a hobby and just wanted to learn more about what I was really doing. I have gotten hooked now and really enjoyed your course. It is very well done . I'm going to see where this may lead me in the future now. Thank you all so much! "
    James MullinIGS Member
  • I have never known or heard of an organization that offers so much for its members, and at such a low cost. What started as a hobby in 1998 and now is a small home business for my wife and I has been made so much easier by the information you supply. Thank you. "
    Ernest and Peggy Roisch, Rainbow Rocks, LTD IGS Member
  • I have been on the distant sidelines of the jewelry business for a long time with a great love of colored stones and working with gold. I must tell you that IGS is a Godsend for me, as I do not have the resources or the six months required to get a GG from the GIA now. "
    Charlie BernheiserIGS Member

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