Jewelry Settings

Learn about the metal settings used in fine gemstone jewelry.

Jewelry Settings

  • jewelry settings - pendant
    Choosing the Right Jewelry Settings for Your Gems 

    How do you choose jewelry settings for your gems? Learn the pros and cons of pre-made settings, assembling findings, modifying wax models, and custom work.

  • prong setting - ring
    Prong Setting Gems: A Beginner’s Guide 

    Using prongs is the most common way to secure a gem to a jewelry piece. Learn basic prong setting procedures and how to make a variety of adjustments.

  • gem settings - rhinestones
    Jewelry Nomenclature: Gem Settings

    Step 1: Introduction to Gemology Lesson 17 Back to syllabus Basic Jewelry Terminology Many people are happy referring to the clasp on a necklace as “that thingy.” A few prefer using the proper terminology. There are indeed…

  • bracelets and necklaces - pendant centerpiece
    Jewelry Nomenclature: Gem Bracelets And Necklaces

    Step 1: Introduction to Gemology Lesson 18 Back to syllabus Basic Terminology Although worn on different parts of the body, bracelets and necklaces share much of their terminology. The principal parts of these jewelry pieces…

  • gem rings - solitaire
    Jewelry Nomenclature: Gem Rings

    Step 1: Introduction to Gemology Lesson 19 Back to syllabus Introduction Men and women of all ages wear rings. Some rings symbolize significant events, such as engagements or graduations. Other rings are worn purely as…

  • gem earrings - dinosaur gem bones
    Jewelry Nomenclature: Gem Earrings

    Step 1: Introduction to Gemology Lesson 20 Back to syllabus Today, people wear earrings in varied styles and in many different ways. Some opt for one earring per ear, while others like the look of multiple earrings. Some adorn…

  • jewelry attachments and findings - gem bone bolo
    Jewelry Nomenclature: Jewelry Attachments and Various Findings

    Step 1: Introduction to Gemology Lesson 21 Back to syllabus In this article, we’ll focus on both jewelry attachments and miscellaneous findings. Jewelers use a wide range of bits and pieces to attach one jewelry item to…

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