• Modified Round Brilliant Cut Sapphire

    Sapphire – Natural, Faceted, Blue, 0.83 ct

    This stone has a moderate to mild color Change from being a slightly grayish, greenish blue outdoors to a puplish blue color under incandescent light. The minor specks in the stone that show in the photo are almost impossible to see with the unaided eye, even holding it right next to a bright light. Color: Slightly grayish, greenish blue to purplish blue, Cut: Modified Round Brilliant, Weight: 0.83, Dimensions: 5.7. (Information supplied by photo contributor.) © Daniel Stair, CustomGemstones.com

    Credit: Daniel Stair, CustomGemstones.com 2014

    GemstoneSapphire, Corundum
    Natural or man madeNatural
    Origin detailsTanzania
    Carat Weight0.83
    Gem StateFaceted
    FaceterDaniel Stair
    Photo phenomenaColor Change