• Cut Cornered Radiant Triangle Cut Andamooka Opal

    Crystal Opal – Natural, Faceted, White, 1.76 ct

    This Andamooka Opal is a very clear jelly or crystal opal with good blue and green play of color. Even though the base color is nearly colorless, it flashes a pleasing bright yellow color. Most gems flash the color that they actually appear to be before cutting, but faceted opals tend to generate a completely different color which is usually from yellow to orange, even if the uncut opal appears to be completely colorless. Color: Bright Yellow Base with Blue and Green Fire., Cut: Cut Cornered Radiant Triangle, Weight: 1.76, Dimensions: 8.8 mm. (Information supplied by photo contributor.) © Daniel Stair, CustomGemstones.com

    Credit: Daniel Stair, CustomGemstones.com 2014

    GemstoneOpal Stone, Precious Opal, Crystal Opal
    Natural or man madeNatural
    Origin detailsAustralia
    Carat Weight1.76
    Gem StateFaceted
    FaceterDaniel Stair
    Photo phenomenaPlay of Color