• garnet buying - tsavorite ring

    Tsavorite Garnet – Natural, Faceted, Green

    Tsavorite ring with accent diamonds in 14k gold. Photograph by George Post. Jewelry by Glenn Dizon Designs, www.glenndizon.com. On Facebook at Glenn Dizon Designs. All work one of a kind. All stages of the process, from securing the prettiest gems, to designing and creating, to setting all the stones, and final finishing the piece all performed by Glenn Dizon. © Glenn Dizon Designs. Used with permission.

    Article: Garnet Buying Guide

    Credit: Glenn Dizon Designs

    GemstoneGarnet, Grossular Garnet, Tsavorite Garnet
    Natural or man madeNatural
    Jewelry typeRing
    Gem StateFaceted