• oval-cut hessonite - garnet engagement ring stones

    Hessonite – Natural, Faceted, Orange, 2.66 ct

    Hessonite garnet, the "cinnamon stone," can show warm yellow-orange to reddish orange colors. Since these gems almost always have a brownish tint and many inclusions, they are less popular than other orange garnets. However, that also makes them more affordable, usually selling for around $20 to $150 per carat. Some hessonites have an attractive, hazy "whisky in water" effect due to their inclusions. Oval-cut hessonite garnet, 2.66 cts, Madagascar. © All That Glitters. Used with permission.

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    Credit: All That Glitters

    GemstoneGarnet, Grossular Garnet, Hessonite
    Natural or man madeNatural
    Carat Weight2.66
    Gem StateFaceted