• opal composite - colored gemstone

    Opal Stone – Assembled, Carved, White

    Opal gems can make striking jewelry stones. However, they're quite sensitive. With special care and the right setting, this colored gemstone can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Assembled or composite settings can help protect opals as well as enhance their color. "Composite" refers to a gemstone made of two or more gems, such as doublet or triplet opals. In these settings, gem cutters attach different gemstones to the back, front, or sides of the opals. Here you can see an interesting use of the composite technique. A Mintabie opal was carved, placed, and re-faceted into the culet of a faceted Arkansas quartz. "The Nebula Opal," from the Galaxy Gemstone Line. © Hashnu Stones & Gems. Used with permission.

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    Credit: Hashnu Stones & Gems

    GemstoneOpal Stone
    Natural or man madeAssembled
    Origin detailsMintabie
    Gem StateCarved
    Photo phenomenaPlay of Color