• gold, pearl, and sapphire earrings - Byzantine Empire

    Sapphire – Natural, Bead, Blue

    Identifying the actual gem species behind ancient gem names can prove challenging. Although the term "hyacinth" or "jacinth" is frequently associated with reddish or orange brown varieties of gemstones like zircons and garnets, historically, the term also referred to blue gemstones. So-called hyacinths, such as the blue sapphires in these earrings, were popular in Byzantine jewelry. Gold earrings with pearls and blue sapphires, Byzantine Empire, 6th-7th century CE. Gift of J. Pierpont Morgan, 1917. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Public Domain.

    Article: Sapphire Value, Price, and Jewelry Information

    Credit: Metropolitan Museum of Art

    GemstoneSapphire, Corundum
    Natural or man madeNatural
    Jewelry typeEarrings
    Gem StateBead