• Fancy Portugues Square Cut Tourmaline

    Tourmaline – Natural, Faceted, Pink, 8.95 ct

    This is one big, extremely brilliant tourmaline, especially for an uncommon pink stone from Afghanistan. I cut the bottom as a sort of Portuguese round that I "barionized" into a cut cornered square shape. The crown is a scissors design. This thing REALLY SPARKLES and was hard to look at in sunlight. Also, it dsplays only a mild color shift indoors toward more of a champaigne color, but not an unpleasant brown. I had the chance to pick some of the nicest rough out of a huge parcel of rare Afghani pink tourmalines, and this was the biggest one with good color. This is likely a "world class" gemstone. Color: Light Pink, Cut: Fancy Portugues Square, Weight: 8.95, Dimensions: 10.4 mm. (Information supplied by photo contributor.) © Daniel Stair, CustomGemstones.com

    Credit: Daniel Stair, CustomGemstones.com 2014

    Natural or man madeNatural
    Origin detailsAfghanistan
    Carat Weight8.95
    Gem StateFaceted
    FaceterDaniel Stair