• Portuguese Round Cut Tourmaline

    Tourmaline – Natural, Faceted, Green, 1.77 ct

    This is a BRIGHT (lighter than photo) seafoam green stone that features a lot of facets for its size…nearly three times as many as a standard round brilliant cut. This one deserves a place in the "blinding in sunligh" category. Color: Seafoam Green, Cut: Portuguese Round, Weight: 1.77, Dimensions: 7.3 mm. (Information supplied by photo contributor.) © Daniel Stair, CustomGemstones.com

    Credit: Daniel Stair, CustomGemstones.com 2014

    Natural or man madeNatural
    Origin detailsAfghanistan
    Carat Weight1.77
    Gem StateFaceted
    FaceterDaniel Stair