• Scissor Topped Baguette Cut Tourmaline

    Tourmaline – Natural, Faceted, Pink, 3.16 ct

    This pleasingly flashy stone displays above average, well saturated pink color and is unusually oolor stable under indoor lighting. I could barely notice any color shifting at all and saw absolutely no brownish tones under incandescent light. There are some minor inclusions that might show up in direct sunlight, so the price is very reasonable for a stone of this color quality. Color: Pink, Cut: Scissor Topped Baguette, Weight: 3.16, Dimensions: 5.9 x 12.4 mm. (Information supplied by photo contributor.) © Daniel Stair, CustomGemstones.com

    Credit: Daniel Stair, CustomGemstones.com 2014

    Natural or man madeNatural
    Origin detailsNigeria
    Carat Weight3.16
    Gem StateFaceted
    FaceterDaniel Stair