• yellow gemstones - canary tourmaline necklace


    You'll never guess which yellow stone adorns this necklace. At a whopping 30 carats, this canary tourmaline is extremely rare for its color, size, and clarity. In fact, it's the largest known canary tourmaline of this quality! Necklace in platinum and green gold with 19-ctw diamond accents. Design by Eddie Sakamoto. Image by Dave Cruz Photography. Photo courtesy of Shelly Sergent, Somewhere in the Rainbow Collection.

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    Credit: Somewhere in the Rainbow Collection

    Natural or man madeNatural
    Carat Weight<i class="fa fa-square facet-search-color-swatch" style="color:#af158a"></i> reddish Purple (rP)
    Jewelry typenecklace
    Gem StateFaceted