Supplier Standards

After many years of experience doing business with gemology related companies, the IGS has come up with a list of recommendations for what to look for in a company that you are going to do business with.


1) An accurate description of goods, which includes:

a) Disclosure of any enhancements.

b) A clear image of the actual item, not something similar.

2) Inventory listed for sale should be in stock and available for immediate delivery. When exceptions occur, it should be clearly noted.

3) No substitutions should be made for out of stock items without the customer's knowledge and agreement.


4) Be willing to spend ample time answering questions and counseling clients.

5) Return phone calls and answer email in a timely fashion.

6) Return policy should be explained clearly and include:

a) Information on how to return goods.

b) Return period.

c) How much will be refunded: purchase price, shipping costs, and restocking fees should be clearly expressed.

7) Online dealers should have a secure method for handling credit card information.

8) The Privacy Policy should be clearly expressed and easily located.

Contract Work

9) An accurate estimate of costs should be given before any work is begun. When unforeseen circumstances require additional expenses, the customer should be notified of all options available to them so they can make an informed decision on to how to proceed.

10) An honest estimate of when the work will be completed should be part of the initial agreement.