Though orange diamonds and yellow diamonds can claim similar causes of color, orange diamonds are  rarer than yellows. Since orange is between the colors red and yellow on the color wheel, natural orange diamonds range from orangey-red diamonds to yellowish-orange diamonds. Modifying hues for orange diamonds include red, pink, purple, and yellow in natural stones, and although orange is not one of the rarest colors to be found it is amazingly rare to find a natural orange diamond that lacks a modifying color. A pure orange diamond is among the rarest stones in existence and highly sought after by investors and collectors.

0.65 carat, Fancy Vivid Orange Diamond, Radiant Shape, (SI1) Clarity, GIA Leibish
This 0.65-carat pure orange radiant cut diamond is a fine specimen of lacking a modifying color. © Leibish

What is an Orange Diamond?

Treated orange diamonds are colorless diamonds that have been sent to a lab to be subjected to a chemical process (HPHT) so that the color of the surface of the diamond artificially changes to orange while its interior remains colorless. If you insist on purchasing a rare and natural orange diamond it is paramount to buy one which has been graded by a reputable gemological laboratory that can determine the origin of color.