A couple years ago, I wrote a scathing review about some inexpensive refractometers that had appeared on eBay. The units were not particularly accurate and were not suitable for spot readings. The worst part, and what got them such a terrible review, was the response of the dealer. They would not address the inaccuracy at all.

There is still a need for a less expensive refractometer and new ones have come on the market. I just got to do extensive testing on another Chinese made refractometer. This one cost more, about $245, and is carried by

First Impressions

This unit looks very similar to the one I had previously tested, but they are not the same. It appears to have the same case, but it has higher magnification, a built in monochromatic filter at the back and it is heavier than I remember. Also, the scale on this unit is a transparency, where others show the shadow against an opaque scale.

The instructions have been translated from Chinese into English, with a few errors. If English is your first language, you will be able to understand them well and probably have a few chuckles. If English is not…