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Top Engagement Ring Trends for 2024

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2023 is full of promise and new beginnings, and with that comes a freshness in the engagement ring space as well. Rather than sticking to what is "normal" or "traditional", couples are taking those classic styles and making them their own. From going dramatically thin on their solitaire shank to really highlight the center stone to opting for different stones besides the round brilliant, there is a style for everyone this year. These designs are all about a slight nod to tradition while creating designs that are uniquely you. 

Here are the top engagement ring trends for 2023…

Ultra-Thin Solitaire

14K white gold comfort-fit solitaire from James Allen.
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It may not seem like the traditional solitaire can be a "trend" of sorts, but rather a style that truly stands the test of time. What has really made a statement, though, and is going to continue to rise in popularity is the "ultra-thin solitaire". These are referred to by many different names, but they can be identified by their extremely thin band. This design really highlights the center stone and is fairly inexpensive so you can put more of your money into the diamond! 

Tip: While thinness is nice, don't go TOO thin. Try to stay above 1.5mm for durability and security. 

Twisted Band

14K rose gold rope pave engagement ring from James Allen.
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at James Allen

This next design started really emerging a few years ago, but the twisted pave bands continue to get better and better, making them really hot for 2023. The whimsical and romantic design looks fantastic in all metal colors and there is a huge variety to choose from when it comes to how tight you want your twist and how many diamonds you want on the band. This design also looks great both with a matching band or a straight pave design to really highlight the twist. 

Tip: If you want to really draw attention to the twisted design, consider a rose or yellow gold band or choose a design with pave down just one twist like the ring shown above. 

Alternative Halos

14K yellow gold crescendo pear halo engagement ring from Blue Nile.
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Halos are pretty popular and it is easy to see why; they add tons of extra bling and really make your diamond pop with all of the light return. If you like the concept of the halo, but want to put a fresh spin on it, check the new non-traditional halo designs. Designs are popping up all over with non-symmetrical or graduating diamonds, and playing with prong placement to create different shaped illusions with the halo design. It is unique, playful, and just what your 2023 engagement needs. 

Tip: Elongated stones like the pear and oval look particularly nice with the graduated stones. The taper really accentuates the length of the stone and elongates your finger. 

Hidden Halo

14K yellow gold solitaire plus hidden halo engagement ring from Blue Nile.
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Not into the halo design but still want to add your own sparkly touch somewhere else? That is exactly what designers were thinking when they began adding diamonds along the center stone setting. Commonly referred to as a "hidden halo", "crown", or "collar", these designs add just a touch of interest that the wearer will see any time she looks down on her hand. It is also a perfect addition to someone who likes the look of a solitaire design from up top but wants to place a few diamonds elsewhere on the ring. 

Tip: Make sure that the ring you choose is made to fit both the shape and size of the diamond you pick out. Pulling the prongs on the center stone in, or pushing them out to make a diamond "fit" can mess with the setting of the small pave hidden halo you love so much. 

Elongated Diamonds

18K white gold pave engagement ring from James Allen.
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While the round brilliant will always reign as the most popular diamond shape, the elongated shapes are taking up more and more market share. Known for carrying more weight on top, thus typically appearing larger than a round brilliant of the same size, people are opting for stones like the oval, rectangular radiant, and emerald-cut more and more. These shapes also elongate your finger for an elegant look. 

Tip: While there is no "cut" grade for elongated shapes, look for diamonds with higher gradings of symmetry and polish to ensure you are getting a quality cut stone. 

Non-Traditional Side Stones

14K white gold east-west marquise diamond engagement ring from James Allen.
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Round brilliants typically are the norm when it comes to diamonds trailing down the side of your ring. Designers have really started to make a statement by swapping out the traditional round brilliant for more statement-making stones like this marquise side stone ring above. The marquise diamonds, paired with the single prong setting between each stone creates a unique and gorgeous design to showcase your center stone.

Tip: Consider pairing this design with a straight pave band for a contrast that highlights the uniqueness of your engagement ring design. 

3 Stone Rings

14K yellow gold pear side stone engagement ring from Blue Nile.
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at Blue Nile

Last but not least is the 3 stone engagement ring. The romantic representation of a couple's "past, present, and future" has been a classic design for decades. What is really trending for this year, though, is straying away from the classic round brilliants for side stones. From pears to baguettes, to half-moons, the sky is now the limit when choosing the diamonds to complement your center stone. 

Tip: Your side stones do not have to be huge to make an impact. If you are trying to stick within a budget, stay under 1/4 CTW to save money and ensure they don't overpower the center stone. 


An engagement ring is a big investment and one that you will wear for the rest of your life. While that may seem daunting, the rings that are trending for 2023 have both a traditional concept paired with updated designs. You, now more than ever, have the flexibility within designs to swap out your center stone for something more unique like a pear or emerald-cut to make that ring feel like "you". These designs are fresh and modern and just what your 2023 engagement needs! 

Katy Tezak

Katy Tezak is a Diamond Graduate from the Gemological Institute of America and a diamond and engagement specialist. She loves educating the consumer about all things diamond and helps them create anything from their dream engagement ring to everyday one of a kind jewelry.

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