Trendiest White Gold Jewelry of 2023

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White gold jewelry trends in 2023 are all about showing off your personality with designs that still can be worn for years to come.  One of the most popular white gold jewelry trends is to put a bit of a personal spin on the classics. For instance, instead of traditional hoops, we are seeing different shapes and styles. We are seeing fresh takes on diamond bands by altering the style just slightly, whether it be the diamond shape (like a marquise or pearl) or metal design, for an updated look. Designers continue to play with the combination of baguette and round brilliant diamonds to create elegant, updated, and sparkly looks. 

Buying white gold jewelry online has never been easier or more efficient.  We have illustrated this year's trends below with some fantastic picks from our top 4 best places to buy white gold jewelry online: Blue Nile, James Allen, Ritani, and Angara.

2023 White Gold Earring Trends

Diamond Trident Huggie Hoop Earrings Angara
14K white gold trident huggie hoop earrings from Angara.
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at Angara

Huggies are definitely having a strong comeback. What is fresh about this style resurgence is the creative designs that are coming out like this one above.  The three hoops give an extra bit of bling for a great price. They also aren't overly extravagant so you can wear them to the office or for a night out. 

14K White Gold Round And Baguette Chevron Diamond Earrings James Allen
14K white gold round and baguette chevron diamond earrings from James Allen.
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at James Allen

Brilliants and baguettes - can you think of a better combination? Jewelry companies and designers are starting to combine these two cuts more and more into creative and trendy designs. Baguettes can get a bit pricey, so opting for this combo as an earring is a great way to save money and maximize sparkle. Opting for a designed stud is a great way to add a touch of everyday flair and personality and is perfect for 2023. 

2023 White Gold Ring Trends

Natori x Angara Hexagonal Diamond Eternity Band Angara
14K white gold hexagonal diamond eternity band from Angara.
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at Angara

A fresh take on the round brilliant diamond band is to set these stones into unexpected shapes like this hexagonal diamond eternity band above. It really is the best of both worlds - you get the brilliance and fire of the round diamond and the fresh and edgy look of the hexagonal band. Diamond bands like this one look fantastic up next to a solitaire engagement ring, by themself, or stacked with a straight diamond band that will really highlight the shape. 

Floating Round Diamond Semi Eternity Wedding Band for Her Angara
14K white gold floating diamond band from © Angara.
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at Angara

You have probably heard of the "floating" diamond look and it definitely isn't going anywhere. This design started to gain headway last year and is showing up even more in 2023. You can be sure that all of the focus will be on your sparkly diamonds in this design because of both the white gold and single-prong that blend seamlessly and appear as if the diamonds are "floating" on your finger. 

Diamond Leaf Crown Fashion Ring in 14k White Gold Blue Nile
14K white gold diamond crown ring from Blue Nile.
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at Blue Nile

Crown rings, tiara rings, or whatever you prefer to call them; these stylized chevron rings are showing up more and more. You can wear them by themselves, with an engagement ring, or stacked up with a few other fashion rings. Chevron designs naturally draw the eye outward, elongating the wearer's finger and creating a sleek look. These rings come in so many different styles so you can create a stack that shows off your own personality. 

2023 White Gold Necklace Trends

Scripts Collection Diamond Necklace In 14kt White Gold MAMA Ritani
14K white gold diamond "Mama" necklace from Ritani.
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at Ritani

It is probably no surprise that a "Mama" necklace is showing up on the trendiest jewelry of 2023. Jewelry can be very strongly tied to one's identity and this necklace is a perfect representation of that. This particular "Mama" necklace is nicely curved to make it perfect for layering and the diamonds aren't so overpowering that you can easily make it one of those everyday necklaces and still run around with the kids! 

Tilted Pear-Shaped Diamond Halo Pendant angara
14K white gold tilted pear-shaped diamond halo pendant from Angara.
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at Angara

Pear diamonds are really starting to show up more and more in both engagement rings and jewelry. Their contrasting sharp point and rounded bottom are perfect for those wanting an edgier look. While we have seen plenty of necklaces with a larger center and a halo around them, this particular necklace is a creative way to update the look a bit. When placed on their side, pear diamonds have the perfect asymmetry that is hot right now for 2023. 

Asscher-Cut Diamond Solitaire Pendant Angara
14K white gold Asscher diamond solitaire pendant from Angara.
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at Angara

Solitaire pendants are always a great idea and are so versatile that they are a fantastic investment for your jewelry collection. A fresh update for 2023 is taking that classic design and opting for a more unique diamond shape instead of the traditional round brilliant. The Asscher cut is often underestimated for its modern elegance and a great choice for anyone who likes the idea of a solitaire pendant but wants it a bit more unique as well. 

Pear & Round Diamond Cluster Two-Layer Station Necklace Angara
14K white gold two-layer diamond station necklace from Angara.
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at Angara

Layering still continues to be a popular trend that you are seeing all over social media. Knowing what styles to mix and match can be a bit daunting. Companies have started to take the guesswork out of the layering trend by providing "sets" of necklaces that you can throw on without too much thought. You get the perfect lengths and styles that complement each other and achieve the popular styled look without all the hassle.

2023 White Gold Bracelet Trends

Diamond Marquise Halo Bangle in 18k White Gold (1 3/8 ct. tw.) Blue Nile
14K diamond marquise halo bangle from Blue Nile.
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at Blue Nile

More and more, marquise is popping up all over in jewelry. What used to be thought of as your "mother's" diamond shape, is now a trendy and fresh shape that looks amazing in designs like the one above. Marquise stones tend to look larger than their actual carat weight and they draw the eye because of their elongated design. This bracelet is the perfect combination of classic and cool with a sparkly statement from the marquise and round brilliant halos. 

Diamond Link Bracelet in 14k White Gold (1 7/8 ct. tw.) Blue Nile
14K white gold diamond link bracelet from Blue Nile.
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at Blue Nile

Link chains and bracelets are still going to be very popular in 2023. While most of the solid gold chains and bracelets are in yellow gold, consider opting for while gold when adding diamonds to the design. White gold really blends into the background to ensure that your stones are the center of attention. And, adding diamonds on a trendy link design gives you an updated and sparkly look. 


The jewelry designs for 2023 are all about putting your own twist on classic jewelry items that you have seen in the past. Styles that used to be considered "your mom's look" are coming out in fresh and updated ways that help you put a little bit of personality into your jewelry collection. From creative marquise-shaped bracelets to personalized necklaces, there truly is something for everyone in 2023 and you can feel good that these pieces, though trendy, can also be staples in your wardrobe for years to come. 

Katy Tezak

Katy Tezak is a Diamond Graduate from the Gemological Institute of America and a diamond and engagement specialist. She loves educating the consumer about all things diamond and helps them create anything from their dream engagement ring to everyday one of a kind jewelry.

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