What Customers Value Most in the Jewelry Insurance Buying Experience

There are a lot of considerations when buying jewelry insurance. Here's how to find the best policy provider.

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With BriteCo Jewelry & Watch insurance rated by IGS as the best overall value for consumers, we wanted to explore what made the difference to them when purchasing protection for their valuables. So we took a deep dive into Google reviews posted by more than 460 customers to see how they described their jewelry insurance buying experience. We were pleased to see that our ranking of BriteCo as the best value in jewelry insurance corresponds to their outstanding reputation, as demonstrated by a nearly perfect 5-star rating among reviewers.

Is BriteCo Legit?

Yes, BriteCo is legit. Its policies are backed by an AM Best A+ rated insurer with comprehensive, worldwide coverage that goes beyond its competition to cover up to 125% of appraised value. Policies are very affordable with no deductibles and offer a convenient monthly payment option. And, when it comes to customer reviews, here's what we found in several key categories.

Claims Experience

One of the main questions and concerns of customers for any insurance involves how well a company handles claims.

BriteCo clients literally raved about the fast, efficient, and easy claims process. They note that the claims handling was smooth, settled quickly, and hassle-free. Customers also commended the communication with BriteCo staff and the helpfulness of the customer service agents who guided them throughout the entire incident.

Some reviewers even noted how they felt that BriteCo's director of customer success, Christine, seemed genuinely invested in helping them with every aspect of their claim, making them feel extremely comfortable throughout what can oftentimes be a difficult experience. 

Customer Service

The overwhelming consensus among reviewers was that BriteCo's customer service was a really important factor throughout their experience. Customers valued the timely communication, the helpfulness of customer service agents, and the prevailing ease of the entire process.

Many reviewers noted that their customer service agents were friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful in answering their queries and providing them with the necessary information. While others commended the ease of purchasing BriteCo jewelry insurance without any added hassle.

Moreover, reviewers also appreciated the value they received in terms of coverage and their overall experience as a customer.

Confidence and Trust

Confidence and trust are high on people's list of priorities when considering any insurance purchase. The resounding sentiment among customers is that BriteCo provided them with both trust and confidence when it comes to protecting their valuables. The majority of reviewers noted that they felt relaxed knowing that their jewelry items were insured and that BritCo was only a call away should any issues arise.

Customers also appreciated the process of obtaining insurance, especially the friendly and efficient customer service. In the reviews, the customer service team was often praised for being extremely helpful, which made buyers feel assured that they'd made the right choice.

Overall, patrons felt that the level of confidence and trust they received from BriteCo was paramount when it came to the jewelry insurance buying experience. This point was echoed by pretty much all of the reviewers, making it clear that BriteCo is doing something right when it comes to providing value to its customers.

Comprehensive Coverage

Many customers shared their glowing reviews about the comprehensive coverage provided by BriteCo. Reviewers felt that the coverage was clear, comprehensive, and tailored to their specific needs. 

They appreciated the ease of the application process and the competitive features that gave them peace of mind. Furthermore, many customers felt that their claims were handled quickly and fairly. 

Ease of Purchase

Another one of the most valued aspects of the BriteCo jewelry insurance buying experience according to consumers is the ease of purchase. This is clearly one of the highest priorities for customers, as the majority of reviewers highlighted the simplicity and convenience of the entire process.

Customers said they enjoyed the fast and straightforward system they can use when purchasing a policy. They further praise the personal touch and helpfulness of the staff and admire the fast responses to their inquiries.

BriteCo also offers a range of additional features that reviewers seem to find appealing. Some of these include no deductible, coverage for lost and stolen items, and the ability to modify their policy on an ongoing basis. 

Affordable Pricing

In an age of rising inflation and a significant increase in homeowners' and renters' insurance premiums, customers place a premium on affordable pricing.

A common thread throughout the reviews was the affordability of BriteCo's jewelry insurance plans. Reviewers consistently praised the value they received for their money, and they also remarked that the process was streamlined and easy to follow. Consumers also mentioned that they were able to customize their coverage with BriteCo, which was important to them.

Alternative to Homeowners Insurance Floater or Schedule

Customers cite the value of BriteCo's insurance plans as an alternative to adding a floater or schedule to their homeowner's insurance as a major factor for their purchase.

BriteCo's plans offer more coverage than most traditional jewelry insurance policies. Furthermore, each plan is customized to the buyer's specific needs.

Overall, reviewers appreciated the flexibility and tailored coverage that BriteCo offers. Plus, BriteCo provides a broad range of services in addition to their jewelry insurance, such as appraisals, repair and replacement, and more.

To Sum Things Up

BriteCo's Jewelry Insurance is praised by reviewers for its extensive coverage, affordability, customer service, ease of purchase, and claims experience.

Customers said that they felt confident and trusted BriteCo with their jewelry insurance and that the sign-up process was super quick and easy. They also enjoyed the value they received for their money and the exhaustive coverage BriteCo supplied.

Reviewers positively valued the policies, especially when compared to the alternative which is normally a homeowners insurance floater or schedule.  Moreover, nearly every review praised their speed, efficiency, and helpfulness. That's no small feat and extremely impressive!

BriteCo customers have been positive in all of their reviews, rating the company as a top jewelry insurance provider.

Visit BriteCo online to learn more about BriteCo jewelry insurance and get a price quote for your jewelry in 30 seconds.  


What is the best jewelry insurance?

The best jewelry insurance depends on your individual needs and budget. In our article, The Ultimate Guide to the Best Jewelry Insurance Companies, we selected BriteCo "Best Overall Value" granting them a number one spot on our list.

Is Jeweler's Mutual legit?

Yes, Jeweler's Mutual is a legitimate jewelry insurance provider. It is a mutual insurance company, meaning it is owned by its policyholders. It has been in business since 1913 and is based in Neenah, Wisconsin. It is considered a reputable company in the industry.

Can you insure a moissanite ring?

Yes, you can insure a moissanite ring for theft, loss and other damages. While moissanite is frequently treated as a diamond substitute you should be aware the value of the moissanite stone is likely to be appraised differently than a diamond. A jewelry insurance company may require an appraisal or documentation of the value of the stone. It's always a good idea to check with your insurance provider to understand their specific requirements. You can protect your moissanite engagement ring with full coverage jewelry insurance from BriteCo.

Do jewelry stores have insurance?

Most jewelry stores are required to have insurance to cover their inventory in case of theft, damage, or other losses. However, jewelry stores do not sell jewelry insurance to cover the purchases of their customers. Individuals buying jewelry from a jewelry store must get their own insurance from a licensed insurance company. You can get comprehensive jewelry coverage in minutes from BriteCo by checking your price here.

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