Standing as Teir 3 buyer with full access capabilities and 24/7 ability to purchase single stone or multiples at Teir 2 Level.

    Colored facet rough and faceted gemstone buying and locating specialist with 9 active mining operations on 4 continents . With active daily business transaction going in Pakistan @ Katlang Mine . Providing U.S. market along with private collectors , individual shops , jeweller's and public individual's with the finest Katlang topaz ranging in Pink & Pinkish Peach Tones.

    Also maintaining a strong working relationship with Majesty Gems also in Pakistan. Majesty Gems mostly providing gto our business world class Afghan Ruby , Kashmir Sapphire , Large sized 8ct and up Swat Emerald and Beautiful Lapis.

    With our #1 and strongest area of being a go to locate or source for fine colored stones. Since 2022 we have maintained a very strong relationship with 3 operations in regions best fit for our business. Colombo , Rathnapura and Beruwala.Gainiing decades of contacts for the surrounding regions and exclusive territories that hold some of the world's finest and most treasured colored stones. Including Elahera Region, Thammannawa, Myranmar Burma, Vicinity of Sakaraha in Madagascar, Colombo , Colombia , Brazil , Afghanistan Mogok, Katlang Pakistan , Ratnapura & Panjsher valley, Tanzania and several other locations.

    Active miming sites that we have partnered with offer in house lapidary, all owners were hand selected with standards, code of ethics in mind.

    If you need to locate a piece. My business offers services that will consist of contractual agreement. Official Documentation you hired my services o assist and source for you. Very simple no pain agreement. 

    Just email or call I will respond.  . I use whatsapp as well. 1(850- 208-5900)

    Mechanical Timepiece Services

    Vintage & Mechanical Watch Repairs, Overhauls , Sells , Restorations, Pressure Testing , Rolex and other Major brand Bracelet Repairs, Crystal Replacements, Electro Plating Services, Wax Carving, Master Rubber Mold Making , Lost Wax Casting, Stone Setting, Media Blasting, Drilling & Stringing of Pearl , Alloying , Gemstone ID Service, Evaluations, Appraisals, Dial Restorations , Professional Polish Finishes and Metal Finishing Services for Watch Cases and Jewelry.

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