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What Gems Kate Princess of Wales Will Wear to King Charles III’s Coronation

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The coronation of King Charles III is going to be a glittering display of Coronation Regalia and British Crown Jewels. We know all about the traditional crowns, scepters and dazzling gems that will adorn the King. And there is much speculation about what the Queen Consort will wear thanks to tradition. However, what is arguably the most interesting debate is what the future Queen Consort, Kate, the Princess of Wales, will wear on the honorable day.

Breaking: Princess of Wales Won't Be Wearing a Tiara

Just this week the palace reportedly told The Times that she will not be adorned with a tiara for the ceremony, instead opting for a floral headpiece as a nod to King Charles III's love of nature. The decision comes after guests were asked to dress down for the occasion, forgoing the traditional ballgown attire. 

Lauren Kiehna, the expert behind the blog The Court Jeweller, explained that this move is part of a larger trend of de-formalizing the British royals, "That would mean that we could still see some grand jewels, like necklaces, brooches and earrings but no tiaras."

A Shimmering Hint of Blue?

Recently when visiting the British city of Birmingham, reporter Allison Hammond asked Kate what she plans to wear for the coronation, to which Kate replied, "There is a hint of blue."

The royals, especially Kate, have been known to wear the color blue as a unifying symbol amongst the family. The Princess of Wales has also shown a recent affinity for the color, wearing it at Easter services, St. Patrick's Day, and the Commonwealth Day Service this year. When it comes to gems, the future Queen Consort would have quite the array of blue stones to choose from if she so pleases. 

The Princess of Wales could opt for The King George VI Victorian Suite, part of the late Queen Elizabeth II's personal jewelry collection, which would be a fitting and honorable nod to her family and the crown. This collection features a sapphire and diamond necklace and matching sapphire and diamond earrings. While totally glamorous, this set is less showy than a tiara. Although we should note, the full suite does feature a tiara. 

Talk about a hint of blue — the future Queen Consort could also opt for the Prince Albert Sapphire Brooch that's estimated to weigh somewhere between 20 and 30 carats. Originally given to Queen Victoria by Prince Albert before their wedding, this blue gem could make a dazzling display on top of a light spring jacket for the May 6 occasion. 

Finally, Ben Roberts, the managing director of Clogau and an authority on royal jewelry, explained that Kate might also use the occasion to honor the future King's mother, Princess Diana, who was famous for wearing blue sapphires. "Ever-respectful Kate may want to include pieces from Princess Diana's famed sapphire suite, such as the diamond and sapphire pendant and earrings that were designed to match Diana's (and later Kate's) engagement ring."

King Charles III will be coronated this Saturday, May 6, 2023. Next week, we will round up the jewels worn by the Princess of Wales, the new Queen Consort Camilla and other members of the royal family. 

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