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Gemstone Optical Properties

…this bending works and how much light bends when passing from air to gem is essential when cutting gems for brilliance. Gemstone Inclusions

Appraising Opals

…Cut: Too thin, too thick, or uneven thickness Imperfections: Considerable matrix or other inclusions visible on the crown Commercial Colors:…

HPHT Diamond Update

…look for frosted naturals, frosted feathers, faceted girdles with bearding, melted inclusions, or melted graining on the girdle. These inclusions

Mechanical Gemstone Cleaning

Inclusions, some visible to the naked eye and others microscopic, are present in many gems. Some add great beauty and interest to a gemstone. However,…

Garnet Buying Guide

…contain horsetail inclusions. Beautiful to observe, they also give the stone a unique character. 4.6-ct demantoid with horsetail inclusions

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