• rare gem pendant

    Bytownite – Natural, Faceted, Orange, 3.31 ct

    This 18K gold brooch/pendant features a 3.31-ct bytownite as the butterfly's body. Sapphire, boulder opals, Gilson opals, kornerupines, and diamonds comprise other parts. Goldsmith, André Enskat; engraver, H. Postler; gem cutter, H. Lorenz. Photo courtesy of liveauctioneers.com and Henry's Auktionshaus AG.

    Article: Bytownite Value, Price, and Jewelry Information

    Credit: Henry’s Auktionshaus AG

    GemstoneFeldspar, Bytownite
    Natural or man madeNatural
    Carat Weight3.31
    Jewelry typeBrooch
    Gem StateFaceted