What is Synthetic Opal?

Synthetic opal is opal that’s made in a laboratory. It has the same chemical and physical properties as natural, mined opal. That means that synthetic opal is real opal.

In this article, we’ll cover synthetic opals. However, if you think your specimen isn’t genuine mined material, you’ll need to consider opal simulants as well. These are non-opal materials that look like opal.

As with any gemstone, it’s important to know whether the material is mined or lab-made. This distinction has a significant impact on price. Furthermore, if you’re a vendor, you must know the origins of the gemstone in order to give an honest description of your wares and comply with FTC guidelines. Synthetic opals can be very beautiful, but it’s important that customers understand what they’re buying.

Gilson Opal

After the discovery of opal’s structure, which consists of nano-scale spheres, scientists sought to replicate its beauty in the lab.

In 1974, Pierre Gilson, who was responsible for introducing other synthetic gemstones such as turquoise and lapis lazuli, began to market synthetic opal.

These synthetics have columns of color easily visible, even to the naked eye. If the opal cabochon surface lies…