• Tanzanian sapphires

    Sapphire – Natural, Faceted, Red

    Sapphires, Umba River, Tanzania (1.98, 1.40, 1.86, 3.41, 3.28 // 0.96, 3.77, 1.46, 2.56, 4.64). The leftmost and rightmost stones on the bottom row may be rubies. Photo © Joel E. Arem, PhD, FGA. Used with permission.

    Article: Sapphire Value, Price, and Jewelry Information

    Credit: Joel E. Arem, PhD, FGA

    GemstoneSapphire, Corundum
    Natural or man madeNatural
    Origin detailsUmba River
    Gem StateFaceted
    ColorRed, Orange, Green, Blue, Colorless