• Cartier Peacock brooch with Mozambique rubies

    Ruby – Natural, Faceted, Red

    Certain luxury brands continue to boycott Burmese gems on ethical grounds. They opt to feature Mozambique rubies instead, such as this "Peacock" brooch by Cartier. However, Mozambique's legal ruby mining operation also faces allegations of human rights abuses. According to Thai human rights attorney Nadthasiri Bergman, LL.M., sanctions are "a two-edged sword, often causing harm suffered downstream by small players in the supply chain, not at the top as intended." Photo © Sotheby's.

    Article: 800 Years of Mogok: A Celebration in Tenuous Times

    Credit: Sotheby’s

    GemstoneRuby, Corundum
    Natural or man madeNatural
    Jewelry typeBrooch
    Gem StateFaceted