Beads per Inch

Bead Size Beads per Inch Beads per 16” Beads per 24”
2 mm 12.5 200 300
3 mm 8.3 133 200
4 mm 6.25 100 150
5 mm 5 80 120
6 mm 4.2 66 99
7 mm 3.6 57 86
8 mm 3.13 50 75
10 mm 2.5 40 60
12 mm 2.1 33 50

standard bead size chart

Cord Conversion Chart

Silk is the traditional beading cord. Its strength and flexibility are unmatched for any other material its size. Nylon and polyester cords are replacing silk. They have nearly the same strength and a longer life.

A number or a letter defines cord size. The size used depends on the size of your beads. Larger, heavier beads require a stronger cord.

The codes represent smaller, lighter capacity cords (A, 1) to larger, heavier capacity cords (FF, 8).

Silk A B C D E F FF
Nylon 1 1.5 2 3 4 5 8
bead and necklace size charts - glass, silver, and nylon

“Necklace for My Oma’s 90th Birthday,” green glass and silver beads on nylon thread, by Jessica Spengler. Licensed under CC By 2.0.

Necklace Lengths

Choker 14 to 16 inches, falls to hollow of neck
Princess 18 inches
Matinee 20 to 24 inches, falls to the crown of the bust
Opera 28 to 32 inches
Rope Anything more than 32 inches

necklace size chart

Additional Information

For more information on beads and necklace size, nomenclature, and instructions for making them, consult these articles:

If you’re looking for ideas for bead jewelry, here is a list of gemstones that can be used as very attractive beads, whether faceted, carved, or natural.

bead and necklace size charts - turquoise and wood beads

“White Wood and Turquoise Necklace,” blue turquoise focal piece, green turquoise cylinder beads, and white wood beads, by Natalia. Licensed under CC By 2.0.