Necklaces are the most eye-catching pieces of jewelry. Their size, combined with brilliant colors, makes them easy to see and admire. In spite of this, they are the easiest jewelry projects, requiring only a few hand tools. The materials run from pearls and emeralds on the high end, to wood and seashells on the other. In between, there are many other mineral, metal, and glass beads to choose from.

This is an excellent way for a person to get started in jewelry making and many people chose to do nothing more than make necklaces. The skills are easy to learn and can be mastered by anyone with nimble fingers. Artistic sensibilities are an asset, but one does not have to be a Picasso to find nice combinations of beads. The only drawback to making beaded necklaces is that it can be addictive. Many are the jewelers that have more beads than they will ever use and more necklaces than they can ever sell or give away.


Beading can be done with nothing more than a towel to lay the out beads and a pair of scissors. However, most people have a larger inventory. Here are the tools that are…