The Techniques of Master Wire Wrapping

Gerald Wykoff has gained worldwide recognition for his "Master's" series of gemological and lapidary books. The first, Beyond the Glitter, was a best seller

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Book Review By Gerald L. Wykoff GG CSM

Gerald Wykoff has gained worldwide recognition for his "Master's" series of gemological and lapidary books. The first, Beyond the Glitter, was a best seller and still ranks as one of the most informative books ever written on gemology. Like Master Faceting, it is comprehensive enough for the professional, yet written so the layman can understand it.

The latest in his "Master" series is Master Wire Wrapping. In Mr. Wykoff's comprehensive style, it does more than show you how to make a few designs. Instead, it teaches a method that can be adapted and expanded on. With this as a staring place, the reader will learn to wire wrap any stone and in a variety of settings.

Unlike most books on wire wrapping, this one gives emphasis to faceted gems. The custom gem cutter, who has previously had trouble finding affordable settings for their custom creations, will find a multitude of useful, attractive, and easy to make settings. Not that he ignores cabochons, but he covers the entire world of gems: large, small, faceted, and cabbed.

This technique emphasizes function and form, rather than filigree and flourishes. So the wire wrapper does not need to be a metal artist, they just need easily learned hand skills. As simple and functional as the techniques are, the finished pieces are incredibly beautiful!

With this book you will learn how to turn stone holding heads into earrings, finger rings, pins, pendants and bracelets. It teaches a building block procedure, once you master the fundamentals, you can create your own designs.

This interactive CD-Rom is lavishly illustrated and contains many insightful notes. There are individual chapters on materials, tools, basic techniques, and gemological information. In addition, there are specifics about pendants, earrings, etc.

Mr. Wykoff has used the interactive CD-Rom format to full advantage. It has narrated videos so you can see the master working and a multitude of illustrations.

This is the most useful book ever written on wire wrapping. Whether you want to learn a simple and inexpensive method of creating custom jewelry, or if you are a cutter needing special settings for your gems, this book will suit your needs. The techniques are simple, functional, and amazingly beautiful.

This interactive, CD-ROM will run on any Windows compatible computer. It is highly recommended to anyone wanting to learn how to set gems with a minimum of tools and skills.

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