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The Best Diamond Wedding Bands for Men for Every Budget

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You do not have to break the bank to get a diamond wedding band. With so many designs and options available, the sky’s the limit to make sure you can feel as excited about your ring as your fiancé  does. If trying to stay under the $1,000 range, opt for a ring with just a few diamonds, or switch your metal to a non-precious option like tungsten. If you are looking for more bling, it is possible to get a half carat or even a full carat of diamonds at the $2,000 – $3,000 range. Styles with channel or bezel set diamonds protect the diamonds from chipping and metals like tungsten and tantalum have found their way into the market as an alternative to gold or platinum so finding a ring that fits your budget and style has never been easier.
By Katy Tezak 5 minute read
14K White Gold 6mm Satin Trim Black Diamond Band James Allen
Find this Ring at James Allen14K White Gold 6mm Satin Trim Black Diamond Band from James Allen

After spending all that time and care picking out your fiancé’s engagement ring, now it is your turn! Gone are just the classic gold or platinum men’s wedding bands. You have diamond, black diamond, and all sorts of alternative, non-precious metals to choose from. The options can start to get overwhelming – especially for a man who has not put much thought into what sort of ring he wants. It may not be a man’s first thought to choose a wedding band that has diamonds in it, but the styles are much different than a woman’s wedding band as well what your parents may have worn back in the day. Designs are much more modern and there are many ways to add some bling to a ring while keeping the look masculine.

Here are some of the best diamond wedding bands for men available now:

Under $1,000

It is still possible to get a diamond wedding band for just over $600. One popular design for men is the black diamond bands. Black diamonds are a great way to get that “rocked out” look without breaking the bank. This particular ring by James Allen features round brilliant black diamonds in groupings of three separated by a bezel. The 9 black diamonds make up around a ⅓ of a carat total weight. This ring can work nicely for someone who is active and on the go because of its durability. Instead of being made of the traditional metals of gold or platinum, this ring is made of tungsten. Tungsten is a newer metal on the market for wedding bands. It has grown in popularity because it has a look of white gold but has a high scratch resistance and lower price point.

White Tungsten Carbide 8MM Black Diamond Band by TRITON James Allen
Find this Ring at James AllenWhite Tungsten Black diamond Band from James Allen

This band is a traditional 14K White Gold wedding band with 3 diamonds inset diagonally within the ring. These diamonds are near colorless and total about 1/10th of a carat. This style allows just a little touch of diamond, without it being too overpowering. The center or a ring has a satin finish with high polished beveled edges, helping to bring attention to the diamonds while still protecting them.

14K White Gold Trio Diamond Ring James Allen
Find this Ring at James Allen14K White Gold Trio Diamond Ring from James Allen

This last ring under $1,000 ring by James Allen also features 3 near colorless round brilliant diamonds equaling about 1/10th of a carat total weight set in 14K White Gold. The diamonds are channel set lower which helps to protect the diamonds from being bumped and chipped. The satin finished and grooved band also add a touch of interest and character without being too flashy.

14K White Gold Slope Diamond Ring James ALlen
Find this Ring at James Allen14K White Gold Slope Diamond Ring from James Allen

All of these are great options if you want to stay under $1,000 for your wedding band but want a little touch of bling to match your fiance!

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Under $2,000

This first band has always been a classic option for men looking to have a diamond in their ring. The single, .08 ct diamond is a round brilliant, with an ideal cut to catch the light from all angles. The band is only 6mm wide, making it a great width for both larger and smaller hands. The beveled edge adds both a bit of detail while still being comfortable enough to wear all day long!

14K White Gold 6mm Beveled Bezel Set Diamond Wedding Ring James Allen
Find this Ring at James Allen14K White Gold Beveled Bezel Set Diamond Ring from James Allen

This tantalum band combines the elegance of diamonds with the modern feel of black tantalum. Black tantalum is known for being durable and scratch resistant. The black gives a stark contrast to the brilliance of the diamonds to bring attention to almost the ½ carat total weight that is in the ring. The comfort fit design of the ring also allows for smooth rounded edges for all day wear.  For someone looking to purchase a contemporary and stylish band, the tantalum and diamond band is for you.

Tantalum 6mm Channel Set Diamond Comfort Fit Ring
Find this Ring at James AllenTantalum Channel Set Diamond Ring from James Allen

Under $3,000

The 3 stone band will always be a popular style with mens rings. It provides a traditional, but understated touch. Each of these diamonds are surrounded by a square bezel to keep them secure and the diamond total weight is around ¼ carat total weight. The angular design on the top of the ring offsets the roundness of the diamonds and gives it a more masculine feel.

114k White Gold 8mm Comfort-Fit Pave Set 3-Stone Diamond Ring James Allen
Find this Ring at James Allen14K White Gold 8mm Comfort Fit 3 Stone Diamond Ring from James Allen

A step up from the 1/2CTW tantalum and diamond ring, this one has almost a carat of diamonds and is sure to make a statement. The color contrast of the black tantalum and white diamonds really brings out just how brilliant these diamonds are. For just over $2,600, this ring gives a lot of bling for the buck. The comfort fit design also makes it easy for the ring to slide one and off and allows for all day wear. The deeper channel set of the band also makes sure that the tantalum protects those diamonds from chipping and wear, so you don’t have to sacrifice durability for style.

Tantalum 8mm Channel Set Diamond Comfort Fit Ring James Allen
Find this Ring at James AllenTantalum 1CTW Channel Set Diamond Ring from James Allen

Try on a few different styles to see what stands out to you. A black tantalum will always garner attention while the white tones of the golds and tungsten give off a more subtle look. Have fun with the process and pick out a ring that feels like you!