14K White Gold 6mm Satin Trim Black Diamond Band James Allen
Find this Ring at James Allen14K White Gold 6mm Satin Trim Black Diamond Band from James Allen

After spending all that time and care picking out your fiancé’s engagement ring, now it is your turn! Gone are just the classic gold or platinum men’s wedding bands. You have diamond, black diamond, and all sorts of alternative, non-precious metals to choose from. The options can start to get overwhelming – especially for a man who has not put much thought into what sort of ring he wants. It may not be a man’s first thought to choose a wedding band that has diamonds in it, but the styles are much different than a woman’s wedding band as well what your parents may have worn back in the day. Designs are much more modern and there are many ways to add some bling to a ring while keeping the look masculine.

Here are some of the best diamond wedding bands for men available now:

Under $1,000

It is still possible to get a diamond wedding band for just over $600. One popular design for men is the black diamond bands. Black diamonds are a great way to get that “rocked out” look without breaking the bank. This