Jewelry for men is an ancient concept. Traditionally, the owning and wearing of jewelry served as a demonstration of someone’s wealth and social position. However, sensibilities about masculine jewelry changed over time and many men became hesitant when it came to wearing jewelry items beyond watches. Today, some men are still not comfortable wearing wedding bands, a relatively new tradition that originated in the 1940s. 

Fortunately, trends have changed a great deal over the last few years and more men are comfortable wearing various ring types, including and beyond wedding rings. To accommodate this growing trend, designers have responded by creating men’s rings with styles from understated and serious to fun and innovative. 

Best Materials for Men’s Rings

Perhaps the best place to start this article is by examining the variety of materials from which men’s rings may be crafted. While the market for women’s rings is mostly restricted to conventional precious metals (this means platinum or some alloy of gold), designers of men’s rings utilize exciting raw materials such as petrified wood, silicon, alternative metals, and even fossils. 

Each of the different types of materials has unique durability tolerances when it comes to temperature, denting, scratching, and breakage.