BriteCo’s Personal Engagement Ring Calculator Review

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Buying an engagement ring is a big decision. BriteCo's free Personal Engagement Ring Calculator will get you a customized report based on your diamond engagement ring preferences.

Next to a home and a car, an engagement ring is one of the biggest and most important life purchases someone can make. But while it's easy to learn more about cars in the Kelly Blue Book or to assess the real estate market with Zillow, it's much harder to compare diamonds and distinguish ring value.

"More than just understanding clarity and size, consumers often have a hard time understanding just how far their money can go," BriteCo CEO Dustin Lemick explained. "For example, one thing that most people don't know is that diamond prices are exponential rather than linear, so as the carat weight increases, the price increases at a higher rate."

Now, to help consumers navigate the engagement ring market, BriteCo launched its Personal Engagement Ring Calculator. More a quiz than a calculator, the questionnaire takes about a minute to complete, with surveyors asked about everything from budget to style, alloy and diamond shape. What they get is not a list of on-budget engagement ring options, but a guide to what they can expect to pay for their preferences within their budget.

The first page of the report shows off the best diamond for overall value, but also gives in-budget options for a bigger size, better color and clarity and even a lab grown diamond. Lemick says that seeing the options side by side on a chart helps consumers better understand how the market works.

"We wanted to help people understand how combinations of clarity, color, carat, and cut can affect price, or how a lab grown diamond can get them a size they couldn't afford otherwise," Lemick told IGS. "It really teaches people how they can spend their money to buy the diamond, or design the ring, that they really want. "But, what's proving to be the most valuable part of the report are the explanations that break down how to read it. In the report above, which was for a pave, white gold ring with a round diamond for $5,000 to $10,000, we were given a slew of helpful information. 

For example, for diamond size, the report read, "This shows you how much you would have to sacrifice in the diamond's color and clarity of your engagement ring to get a larger stone for the price range you have chosen (see Color and Clarity description below). Note that increasing the size of the diamond will reduce color and clarity characteristics to stay within the price range you specified in the calculator form."

The guide even goes so far as to explain what 'color' means for consumers who may not know how to distinguish the grading system. "Color - the next most important diamond variable for influencing price is a stone's color, ranging from D (colorless) to Z (very light). Choosing a truly colorless diamond (D), will increase the price."

So why is Briteco so interested in helping? They're hoping that after they help you find the perfect engagement ring, you'll consider insuring it with them.

Founder and CEO Dustin Lemick is a 3rd generation jeweler with 13+ years of retail experience. He has helped thousands of people looking to get the best engagement ring for their budget. He understands that insurance matters only if you can find your dream ring first. 

"An engagement ring is one of those precious items insurance can't ever really replace, right?" Lemick admitted. "But without insurance, many people are left without any form of replacement. Our affordable, comprehensive coverage gives you peace of mind just in case."

To get started building your perfect ring (for free!), use BriteCo's personal engagement ring calculator. It takes under a minute to complete, and the extensive 3-page report will be in your inbox in minutes. Use it to discuss with your partner, or take it to your jeweler - either way you will feel more prepared for the exciting journey of finding your best option for an engagement ring.

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