Do I really need faceting add-ons like dial indicators, strain gauges, down lights, digital read outs?

In most cases, the answer is absolutely not!

Have you ever heard the expression that. All the different types of fishing lures are to catch fisherman, not fish. Well basically the same thing applies. However, that does not mean that some of these “add-ons” are not nice and helpful, some of them are. You do not need any of them to cut nice stones, that can be accomplished on a decent quality, bare faceting machine, no whistles and bells are needed. A lot of new faceters feel that they need all of these techno “add-ons” and if you start adding them up, depending on how you go, they can cost a substantial amount of money.

The best thing to do, is to buy just a standard machine (save your money) and learn how to use it properly. Then as you get some experience cutting, if there is an “add-on” that you want to try go ahead. You may find that you really like it, and it helps you cut better. But as a new cutter, if you buy these things up front, you may