Choosing a Faceting Machine

Well I am back again fresh from Tucson, with bags of information to distribute but first let’s continue where I left off.


A small addition to the subject. When I started some decades ago, most machines were designed for the quill to be moved across the lap with one hand. Some of the machines allowed the use of only the left hand while others allowed the use of only the right and yet some manufactures, (glory be,) allowed the use of both hands but those were the good old days! Running the risk of inflaming right-handed individuals, (being left handed myself,) this system worked out quite well. Most of the cutters out there find that the best system is to be facing the machine, with the lap on the right-hand side and the quill on the left, most right handed cutters have no problem with this set up and it’s just fine for the left-handed cutter. The only catch is the motor switch, adjusting the machine and applying polishing agent has to be done with the left hand. Beware since this is no longer the good old days. A great many manufactures have totally refused to believe that …

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