Diamond Vintage-Inspired Teardrop Earrings in 14k White Gold Blue NileDiamond Vintage-Inspired Teardrop Earrings in 14k White Gold Blue Nile

Buying Guide for 2023: Diamond Chandelier Earrings

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It can be tough to figure out where to shop when it comes to chandelier earrings. If you are looking for that show-stopping style, Blue Nile and Brian Gavin Diamonds give you beautiful options at a great price. Blue Nile's designs range from simple to elaborate and utilize the round brilliant diamond in most of their designs to create the unique illusion of other shapes without breaking the bank.

Brian Gavin takes the concept of "every day" and "going out" and brings them together in a clever way at a very reasonable price. Though the typical chandelier is sometimes hard to find, you can be confident that these options give you the sparkle you desire with an updated and modern look.

What Is a Chandelier Earring?

What exactly IS a chandelier earring? People typically think of chandelier earrings as these large, extravagant, cascading earrings with lots of little dangling diamonds. While that is true, chandelier earrings are basically any earring that is a drop and has some movement to them instead of moving all in one unit. The style can be somewhat subjective and these earrings can be more affordable than you think.  From dainty to elaborate, here are our top picks on diamond chandelier earrings. 

Top Designs

Blue Nile is at the top of the list when shopping for diamond chandelier earrings online. Not only do they have a good selection and pricing, but their creativeness with design and bold statements makes them a place to consider. They tend to gear toward the "teardrop" style and use smaller round diamonds in illusion settings to create the different shapes to save you some extra money. 

14K white gold vintage-inspired earrings from Blue Nile
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at Blue Nile

This first chandelier earring is the perfect example of maximizing the bling on the earrings. From far away, these earrings look like they have a large pear-shaped diamond at the bottom of the drop, but it is actually a combination of a small and larger round brilliant diamond creating the shape. You get great brilliance without that huge price tag that would be there if it were a pear-shaped diamond. These are 14K white gold and only $725 for 1/3 CTW. 

14K white gold pear-shaped earrings from Blue Nile
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at Blue Nile

This second pair of earrings are another great deal at almost a carat total weight of diamonds for only $1,495. What is extra fun about these earrings is the addition of the small links between each of the diamonds. This allows the diamonds to move separately from each other to bring more movement to the earring. Diamonds are displayed best when moving in the light, something that chandelier earrings take great advantage of. The more ways the diamonds can move, the more sparkle you get to create a dazzling effect. 

18K white gold chandelier earrings from Blue Nile
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at Blue Nile

These teardrop chandelier earrings are for sure a stunner sitting at 3/4 CTW of diamonds set in 18K white gold. What is fun about these earrings is how well all of the round brilliant diamonds are utilized to create different shapes. These are a great option as well for someone who does not want their earrings to hang too low. They only sit at 1 ⅛ inch (a picture can be seen on the product page), but pack a lot of sparkle in the daintier design. From the three-stone look at the top to the teardrop illusions at the base and in the drop, you get both great sparkle and a unique design for under $2,000. 

18K white gold chandelier earrings from Blue Nile
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at Blue Nile

Last but not least these earrings from Blue Nile are what most people think of when chandelier earrings come to mind. With multiple drops that move every which way, these are guaranteed to be a showstopper. Just like the designs mentioned before, this one uses different sizes of round brilliant diamonds to create the shapes on the earrings. For example, what looks like three pear diamonds at the bottom are actually made up of a smaller and larger round diamond strategically placed with prongs. This has really become a popular way to maximize both a budget while creating the illusion of a particular shape. These earrings feature almost 1.5 CTW of diamonds set into 18K white gold and are priced at $1,825. 

Honorable Mention

14K white gold fashion chandelier earrings from Brian Gavin Diamonds
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at Brian Gavin

This set of chandelier earrings by Brian Gavin Diamonds is definitely worth mentioning because of the ingenuity in the design. Most people think of these elaborate dangly earring styles as one used for going out. Sometimes it can be difficult to justify spending money on something only reserved for special occasions. This is where these earrings solve that problem. Brian Gavin made these earrings a 2 in 1 by combining the more everyday style of the diamond huggie with a chandelier earring. The top portion of the earring that is placed in your ear is actually a complete hoop with diamonds down the front. When you open the hoop, you can remove the bottom chandelier portion to create a whole separate look. When you're ready to add some glam, you just add the dangle back onto the huggie! The whole earring set features 1/2 CTW of diamonds set in 14K white gold and is priced at $1,645. 


If you are shopping for chandelier earrings online, Blue Nile is going to give you the best selection as well as a range of budgets to choose from. They have everything from simple to extravagant and elaborate. The beauty of chandelier earrings is their ability to move and sway with the wearer - making them the perfect option when looking to add a touch of glam to an outfit or event. Retailers have become creative in using the round brilliant diamond to create the illusion of different diamond shapes while keeping the price lower. Brian Gavin came up with an ingenious design to incorporate two styles in one so you don't have to wait for a special occasion to wear them!  No matter your style or design preference, you can be assured these options will give you that brilliance and fire you desire at great prices. 

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