Faceting Machines – Comparison Chart


NAME Adjustments easy to read, painted or engraved Variable Speed Splash Pan Protractor precision & reliability Torque & RPM Lap Size 8” 6” or both Size & Weight Price of Accessories Customer Serivce Overall Ease of Use How Complete when Purchased Overall Construction & Size Over all quality for money
Lee Small, engraved Yes Very good, needs Notch Small, hard to read 1/8 HP Torque OK 8” ? Shp wt. 32 lbs. Fair N/A Fair No laps or light Very Good 7.5 by 16” Excellent
Facetron Painted/ Digital Yes after thought need notch Excellent Fair Torque, 1/3 HP, 1200 RPM 35 lbs. approx. Fair Could Improve Good No laps or light Very Sturdy Excellent
Ultra Tec* Very Clear & Engraved/paint Yes neoprene removable hooks down Easy to read Torque fair 1500 RPM 8″ Shp wt. 32 lbs. Very Expensive Good Excellent No laps, light,

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