Faceting Machine Comparison Chart

NAME Adjustments Easy to Read; Painted or Engraved? Variable Speed Splash Pan Protractor Precision and Reliability Torque and RPM Lap Size 8″,” 6”” or both Weight Price of Accessories Customer Serivce Overall Ease of Use How Complete when Purchased Overall Construction and Size Overall Quality for Money
Lee Small, engraved Yes Very good, needs notch Small, hard to read 1/8 HP, Torque OK Shp wt. 32 lb. Fair No info Fair No laps or light Very good, 7.5″ by 16”” Excellent
Facetron Painted/Digital Yes An afterthought, needs notch Excellent Fair Torque, 1/3 HP, 1,200 RPM 35 lb. approx. Fair Could improve Good No laps or light Very sturdy Excellent
Ultra Tec* Very clear and engraved/painted Yes Neoprene, removable, hooks down Easy to read Torque fair, 1,500 RPM 8 Shp wt. 32 lb. Very expensive Good Excellent No laps, light, or water container Head good, mast excellent Excellent but expensive
Raytech Engraved/enameled, easy to read, no mast Yes Plastic, weak needs notch Acceptable 50-500 RPM, Can slow with finger 6 Shp wt. 35 lb. Fair Could improve Easy with all accessories Depends on price paid Passable construction Fair, could be better
Xristalite Tec-87** Engraved/enameled, easy